a performance where world-music, circus and dance seamlessly combine. The members of the ensemble and the acrobats show that these art forms, which are rooted in ancient traditions, can blend together to create a new and timeless form of art.

Directly after their first encounter several years ago, Tarek and Kami-Lynne and the members of the Lingua Franca Ensemble felt a powerful attraction to each other and a desire to collaborate arose. The ensemble wanted to give an extra dimension to their concerts by adding visual elements. Tarek and Kami-Lynne were looking for composers that could support and strengthen their acrobatic creations.

The result is a performance where the ensemble will perform work from their debut album ‘Ephemera’. Tarek & Kami-Lynne will present various pieces making use of (aerial) acrobatics and dance, that are inspired by these compositions.


60 minutes

Choreography & Performance
Tarek Rammo & Kami-Lynne de Bruin

Music compositions & performance
Michalis Cholevas, Michalis Kouloumis, Giannis Koutis & Ruven Ruppik

Light design
Dominique Pollet

Kami-Lynne de Bruin


By Ton Maas
"The combination of the majestic, dashing and sometimes dazzling performance on strings and membranes of the Eastern tinted ensemble, with the ‘dance-like’ acrobatics of the duo TK Circus was a match made in heaven. The control and agility with which Kami-Lynne and her partner Tarek performed an unlikely graceful and flexible aerial ballet in slowmotion, like a sensual embodiment of the at times divine music, had an enchanting effect. At least, for those who could forget the association with the circus of yore."

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